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Other great OPTs sites out there!

General OPT Sites

Datamaster's Web Site The ultimate source for OPT and OPT editing. Highly recommended!
X-Wing Legacy The latest site around, it is run by the OPT masters. Created after Datamaster's had a couple of problems.

OPT Creator Sites

Dreddnott's Phelan Shipyards - XWA      XvT      A OPT site created by Dreadnott, a pretty good OPT editor. One of the best sources for XWA ships.
Andi Korell's OPT Page - Another good OPT editor, this page contains the best OPT out there, the Snowspeeder, and a rather outdated but well done turtorial for OPT Creation.
Steele Aerospace - Finally, another OPT editor, whose OPTs are largely based on other universes', esspecially the Wing Commander one. The OPTs are very well done, though.
CRS Independence A OPT site with lots of potenial.
XvT Technologies Just another OPT maker's site. Some good OPTs, some not so good.
Corellian Engineering Corp. Run by Micheal Anderson, this site houses the Atomspheric Golden pack and some very good OPTs. Worth checking out.
Darksaber's OPT Station One day he was "trying OPT creation." Now he's a star. Visit now!
Ace Antilles's X-Wing Outpost   The homepage of a an excellent mission creator, creator of the Battle of Endor Update pack, and the V38 OPT. Lots to see, lots to do.
Campaign Creation Website Not as simple as it sounds. It is the site run by JM, oen the of the best OPT creators out there. Also has mission related information and 3ds files.


SXWA Convert X-Wing Alliance into the Turn-based game! Click for details!

Shipset Sites

Path Not Taken A very good and lenghty Shipset. Not reviewed yet, proably never will.
Atmospheric Shipset One of the 2 Atommospheric Shipsets out there: Check it out! Now the only active one.
X-Wing Alliance Update Project. An excellent shipset that converts original XWA OPTs to better. Check itt out now.